Monday, January 11, 2010

Movies from New Years

Doomsday Du Jour
The sun flower cafe just got the surprise of their lives, after they find themselves the only survivors of an epic earthquake.
Starring Scarlet Johanson and Christopher Walken, directed by Michael Bay.

Nunchuck Nancy
A coming of age tale about a young American student who bravely breaks out of a North Korean jail by seducing her guard and using her exceptional kung-fu skills only to end up becoming North Korea's first American security minister and one zealous communist!
Starring John Candy (in drag).

Police Cats
Murder, Drugs, and slave labor rot the city from within as a corrupt police force stands idly by. Only four officers have the stones to do something about it: Police Cats!
Starring Steve Buschimi, Alec Baldwin, Steve Carell, and Adam Corolla

Totally Out Of Control
Valerie's adventures in the valley as she searches at the CVS for hairspray.
Starring Lindsay Lohan, directed by John Waters

Mummy: Can I have another?
A mummy's undead routine is thrown into disarray when she is knocked up by a living man after a one night stand.
Starring Kiera Knightly, and Clive Owen, directed by Niel Jordan

Bordello Sunrise
In the retirement village of Del Mar, 10 blue haired babes come together to eat at 4 pm and wake at 4 am to work at the "Bordello Sunrise".
Starring Bea Arthur and Pierce Bronson, directed by Paul Verhoven

Shoot'em Up Pardner
A Western Bromance Buddy Extravaganza where two white sheriffs dress up as prostitutes in black face and go deep undercover to uncover the shady world of liquor and slave runnin.
Starring Ted Danson and Michael Richards

Chocolate Hearts
Two astronauts find love aboard their malfunctioning spacecraft adrift on a direct course with the sun.

Tubby & Toots: Back to the streets 3
Expelled by Thomas the train from trainville, Tubby and Toots head back to the streets for their next big coal score.
Starring Mickey Rourke & Jimmy Fallon.

Alpha Recruits
In the not too distant future, the galaxy's last hope is it's newest recruits (from the makers of Police Academy).

Alpha Recruits 2: Class Dismissed
This smashing sequel pick up with the recruits shooting heroin and going on mind altering and body bending, time crunching trip filled with endlessly pitch perfect comedic timing.
Starring Zac Effron, Ice-T, Ray Liota, Steve Martin and Steve Gutenberg